About Us

Goal of JudahNation™ Radio

The goal of JudahNation™ Radio is to give independent Christian Artists from all over the world a way to promote their music on a quality online radio platform.

JudahNation Radio plays the best independent Christian music worldwide. Our mission is to redefine what Christian music is. It’s not a genre or sound; it’s a belief that comes in all types of sounds and music. Whether it be folk, hip hop, R&B, rock or whatever; we play it all. We cater to every genre and currently is the only online radio station in Arizona that plays ALL genres of Independent Christian music 24/7 everyday of the year.

In one year we have gone from 17 artist in one country to almost 300 in 6 countries (Click Here for Stats). We play almost 300 songs daily and have acquired almost 1 million page hits to our website in the last year.

What makes us stand out is our commitment to the little guy and our faith in God that has allowed us to acquire almost 1750 songs  of solid indie Christian music. Our station is the place where independent Christian music LIVES.

Our History

We attempted to do this radio broadcast about 8 years ago, but the technology would not allow us to keep up with the high demands of providing a quality rotation and artists interviews. So we flopped. With the a new platform and the advances in web-hosting and a more complete system, we are now able to play music 24/7 from all over the world!

Mission & Vision

Mission – Our mission is to offer an online radio platform to independent Christian Artists that allows them promote, play and market their music. We aim to become the world’s premier 24/7 day a week online internet station featuring independent music only.

Vision – We will redefine Christian music radio broadcasting.