Aritifical Christian – Slidin’

Aritifical Christian – Slidin’

From the Hook, we definitely get where ARTificial Christian is coming from:

• this is more than music,
• more than bars,
• more than beats,
• more than me
• mourn the lost

ARTificial Christian is a new CHH group who consist of Warren Williams, Spencer Aubrey and Wesley Henderson. The group has been making music since September of 2016 and “Slidin” is one of the many songs that will be coming from the group’s imminent mixtape: ARTificial Christian, which is scheduled to release next month.

The track “Slidin” has a modern day trap feel to it with an evangelical message.

Production is catchy with the reverse sounding piano loop and flow is solid from all three emcees and the great thing is that each artist has their own sound.

The content is most important to us here at JudahNation Radio.  The scripture reference to Mark 12:30 in the second verse indicates that loving God is the foundation of their character.  This would lead us to believe that ARTificial Christian has made it a point to present themselves as Lovers of Christ.

The trio also makes it clear that their Job isn’t to Judge the lost (verse 3 lyric: “I don’t judge em point em to the judge”), but to love God and love their “Haters” unconditionally just as Christ loves us…..all while turning up for the King.

Ratings 4.5/5 Lions

Listen to the Single (stop the radio feed above) and Follow ARTificial Christian for more great upcoming music and releases:


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