Kai Pineda

Kai Pineda


KAI A. PINEDA has been a worship leader, song writer, teacher and speaker since October 1999. Her thirst for an encounter with God moves her worship leading, songwriting and preaching. Kai has developed a Ministerial Training Institute, a mentoring program for young women called F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Sense and travels both singing & teaching God’s Word.

​Kai says, “I desire to see God’s heart revealed to humanity in a way where people step into the freedom of God and not the traditions of church. I long for an encounter to happen with the Body of Christ where we exchange our agendas for His, pursue His love, and justice. I have committed my life to being an agent of change and to help in leading this and the next generation into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Much of Kai’s worship style comes from her private time with the Lord. During a two year period while in Bible College, a new sound of worship began to take form. A prophetic flow, as well as a deeper revelation of God’s heart, brought Kai to another level in her ministry. The change which started on the inside, caused others to desire their own intimate relationship with the Father. It was this stirring, that pricked the heart of Kai’s husband Pastor Alex Pineda, who told Kai it was time to release an album. On November 13th, 2011, ‘Speechless’ was recorded in Cahokia, IL. This live worship CD & DVD, is a collection of God breathed songs to inspire and impact the body of Christ to enter into an Authentic Movement of worship.

Kai says. “God created me to worship him and with every breath I have, I will bless the Lord.”


Agency: Jana Parsons

Email: kaipinedaworship@gmail.com

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