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Aritifical Christian – Slidin’

From the Hook, we definitely get where ARTificial Christian is coming from:

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Album Review – Shyne on Me – The Mountain Top EP

Looking at the EP Artwork, we were thinking ” wow, this is probably gonna be an interesting EP”.  We’ve seen alot of CHH take a political approach or put out an album that has strong racial connotations that almost put the Gospel message on the back burner.  The artwork sometimes gives us a strong indication of what kind of music we are going to listen to. But sure enough, for the second time this week, the artists have proved us wrong! The Mountaintop EP sounds really good to us. The mixing and mastering are pretty good, normally we reserve giving any technical critiques as we are just a small time station. In this case we universally have one critique: just a tad bit louder on the vocals please.


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Album Review – One Word

Two words describes this album: Diverse and Versatile

27 April 2015 Album Reviews Read more

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